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Clifftop dining at the Zen restaurant Barbados

The Zen Restaurant Barbados is one of the most unique dining experiences on the island, located at the historic Crane hotel on Barbados scenic South East coast. The Zen commands a spectacular cliff top setting with a magnificent view of the world famous Crane beach.

Specializing in Thai and Japanese cuisine this magnificent restaurant is housed withing a sophisticated Asian-influenced interior decor with a all-glass frontage that fully utilize the restaurants breathtaking location.

A number of seating options await you at the Zen including a traditional Japanese Tatami room and the center-piece of the restaurant a 12 person sushi bar with a majestic panoramic view of the turquoise waters 50 feet below.

the Zen Restaurant

About The Zen Restaurant Barbados

The Zen Restaurant specialties are Japanese, sushi and Thai serve from its spectacular indoor setting. It is located at the historic Crane hotel, on Barbados South East coast. The Zen is open for lunch and dinner, reservations are required the dress code is elegantly casual, with no shoes allowed in the Tatami room, there is no bar.  

This restaurant serves lunch and dinner only. Lunch starts from 12:00 noon to 2:30pm, while dinner is served from 6:30 to 11:00 pm Monday to Sunday.

The Zen Restaurant Sample Menu

Starters (Thai menu)

  • Moo Khum Waan - All the flavours of Thailand”grilled marinated pork, sliced and topped with fiery garlic dressing
  • Ka Nom Pang Na Moo - Crisp deep-fried pork spread on a sliver of toast and served with chopped cucumber in a sweet vinegar
  • Goong Hom Pha -Spicy tiger prawns delicately wrapped in rice paper, deep-fried and serve with sesame soy sauce

Starter (Japanese menu)

  • Miso Soup - A traditional Japanese soup of soybean paste with tofu and green onion 
  • Beef Kushiyaki - Skewered beef, served with teriyaki sauce
  • Sunomono - Prawn, octopus, crabmeat in rice vinega

Main Dish (Thai menu)

  • Pattaya Salmon Tempura - Grilled fillet of salmon with mild red curry sauce and a bouquet of spices
  • Phad Pak Ruam Nigiri Sushi - Colorful tropical vegetables wok–fried with light soy sauce, Shaoxin rice wine sprinkled with golden fried garlic
  • Phad Mee “Zen” - Wok-fried egg noodles with fresh mixed vegetables, prawns, chicken and ham topped with fried seaweed and a hint of hot sesame oil
  • Phad See Iew - Wok-fried rice noodle with egg, chicken and assorted fresh vegetables in a delicious oyster sauce

Main Dish (Japanese menu)

  • Tempura - Prawns and vegetables dipped in a light batter
  • Teriyaki Chicken - Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce
  • Caribbean Sails - Tempura, Teriyaki chicken, California roll. 
  • Lobster Kabayaki - served in sizzling cast iron pan


  • Glauy Chuam Chef’s Ice Cream Trio - Young banana bake in palm sugar, accompanied by coconut ice cream
  • Chef's Icecream Trio - Mango, Green Tea and Lychee

Please NB: This is a sample menu items on the menu may change.

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