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Fantastic ambiance Waterfront Café Barbados

Good food, fantastic ambiance and excellent service make the Waterfront Café our favorite restaurant in Barbados.
My name is Christie my husband and I first came across this charming café back in May of 2000, we were on this wonderful Caribbean cruise. Barbados was one of the ports of call for our cruise ship so we stop off for a day at this island paradise.

We were really excited to be in the Caribbean and even more delighted to be in Barbados.
We had seen the wonderful ads and heard so much about this idyllic destination that we grab the opportunity to go into Bridgetown to see the sights and of course do some souvenir shopping.

On this particular day the weather was gorgeous with clear blue skies all around... it was just as we had imagine.

Waterfront Cafe RestaurantBarbados

The Perfect Place to Relax While in Bridgetown

So after we had browse through the duty free and souvenir shops on Broad Street which is the main street we were beginning to feel the effects of the warm beautiful weather. We needed somewhere to sip a cold drink and just relax and enjoy our brief stay on the island...

while walking along the bridge we came across this delightful Paris style restaurant, right on the edge of the Bridgetown Careen-age. One look and we new this was the perfect spot... it offers both indoor and outdoor dining with a very pleasant and enjoyable view of the city of Bridgetown.

That I may say was the beginning of our love affair with this picturesque Barbados restaurant. Since that first visit we have returned to the island on five occasions for our annual holiday and on each occasion we’ve gone back to the Waterfront Café many times.

And whether it was for lunch or diner we’ve had a wonderful time sampling some of the most delectable Bajan cuisine on offer. We’ve had the national dish of Cou Cou and flying fish, bul jol, fish cakes and a wide variety of other mouth watering dishes. But in all this time what has been most impressive at the Waterfront Café has been the service... you wouldn’t find a more friendly and accommodating restaurant staff anywhere in the world.

The waterfront café has definitely satisfied our taste for Bajan cuisine it is our favourite Barbados restaurant.

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