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Things To Do In Barbados

Activities and things to do in Barbados

Besides the beaches are there a lot of things to do in Barbados? Yes there are the island may be small only 166 square miles but the island has a reputation of being choc full of things to see and do. So if you believe that Barbados is just a typical tropical beach holiday you will be pleasantly surprised with the number of activities available to you while you are on vacation. 

So along with the dazzling waters of the Caribbean Sea and the miles of spectacular coral sand beaches found around the island. Barbados rich history, strong traditions, cultural diversity, warm tropical weather and extraordinarily beautiful landscape create an environment where there are a variety of things to do. 

Here we have listed some of the things to do in Barbados while you enjoy all that is Barbadian, the Bajan beer, our Bajan cuisine, our Bajan music and of course our Bajan hospitality... 

Barbados Horseback Riding Adventure

Barbados horseback ride

Experience Barbados with a guided horseback riding tour and enjoy the island scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage. Some tours combine the rugged beauty of the Scotland District National Park with our spectacular white sandy beaches... 

Other tours take you through the island’s old sugar plantations with their magnificent Jacobean great houses and fields of lush sugar cane.

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Barbados Snorkeling Adventure

Snorkeling in Barbados

Along with witnessing a turtle hatching release which usually takes place between the months of July and October... swimming with the sea turtles along the tranquil west coast of the island is a must do experience for anyone visiting the island. 

So experience this unique opportunity to snorkel over shipwrecks, a beautiful tropical reef, swim, play and feed the sea turtles while you cruise the crystal clear waters of the west coast...

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Barbados Fishing Adventure

Barbados Fishing Charters

Barbados fishing expeditions are an age old phenomenon, as old as the island it self. Fishing in Barbados spectacular turquoise waters dates back many centuries. To a time when this beautiful island was home to the native Indians of the region like the Arawak Indians.

In those early days before the island was settle by the English fishing made sense to the early inhabitants. Today fishing still makes sense to the modern day Barbadian... 


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Barbados Sailing Adventure

Barbados Fishing Charters

Barbados like most tropical destinations has excellent sailing conditions almost all year round. Sailing affords you the opportunity to experience the spectacular scenery of the island from offshore. If you are a landlubber or you are worry about rough waters no need to be most of the cruises set sail from the capital Bridgetown and cruise along the island’s West coast.

This is the Caribbean side of the island which is normally calmer and extremely picturesque. There is no better way to celebrate your vacation in this island paradise than to have an exhilarating sail with friends and family along the picturesque coastline of the island. 

I guarantee you will enjoy sailing along the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea while stopping for snorkeling on some of the best coral reefs and shipwrecks. ... 


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Surfing In Barbados

Barbados surfing one of the things to do in Barbados

One of the beach attraction Barbados is better known for is surfing.The island has been naturally blessed with barrier reefs which provide ideal conditions for all types of surfing.  Added to these coral reefs the island’s picture perfect beaches, spectacular turquoise waters and cranking waves provide the perfect mix for world class surfing action almost everyday of the year. 

So whether it is surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing and body surfing Barbados is the perfect destination for action pack surfing.


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Hiking Adventure

Barbados Hiking Adventure

Hiking has been an integral part of the things to do while vacationing on the island for a number of years.
Hike lets you discover Barbados off the beaten track... the Barbados, most visitors never get to see! Take a guided Barbados hiking tour through the gullies and over the hills to some of the most beautiful, picturesque parts of the island you can imagine.

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Barbados Scuba Diving

Cheap hotels in Barbados East

Scuba diving in Barbados mainly takes place on the island’s sheltered west and south coast.  Here you'll find two distinct barrier reefs and some magnificent shipwrecks combine to create some brightly coloured coral gardens. These outstanding coral gardens are home to some rare marine species like seahorses and frog fish.

Along with these rare species there are an abundance of small tropical reef fish like grunts, snappers, chubs and the larger open ocean fish like sting rays, eels and eagle rays.

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Barbados Honeymoon

Barbados honeymoon hotels

Barbados is perhaps the most idyllic of all the Caribbean islands! Picture perfect beaches, spectacular turquoise waters and exotic tropical gardens all combined to make the island a romantic getaway for honeymooners. 

But there is more to this honeymooners paradise than spectacular natural beauty... Friendly people, a number of world-class restaurants and a wide selection of charming resorts make Barbados the intimate sojourn you’ll cherish for a life time... 

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Barbados Wedding

Cheap hotels in Barbados East

Celebrating your love with a Barbados wedding can be as easy as saying I do. Not only because of the island’s relaxed atmosphere, shimmering white sands or even its lush tropical gardens but... because of Barbados’s strong tradition in hosting weddings. 

So whether it’s an elaborate traditional church wedding or a simpler garden or beach ceremony Barbados is the ideal destination for your wedding and honeymoon. World-class services are available to cater to every aspect of your special day just the way you want it...

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Shop In Barbados

Barbados honeymoon hotels

A Barbados shopping adventure is fun, that's why it remains one of the main things to do on the island. You get to explore some of the finest duty-free shops to be found in the Caribbean. So whether you browse around our duty free stores on Broad Street in Bridgetown, the quaint shopping center in Speightstown or the vendors mall along the very popular Accra Beach you'll soon realise that Barbados is a shoppers paradise.

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