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Real Estate in Barbados

Barbados real estate for sale

Real estate in Barbados is not inexpensive... mainly because the island has long been considered the tourism destination of choice by many celebrities. This dates back to 1751 when the great George Washington visited Barbados with his elder brother Lawrence who was very ill with tuberculosis.

To this day, the island still have an association with the rich and famous. Many of them have invested in the Barbados villas market and other upscale housing development. Testament to this association with Barbados can be seen in list of celebrities that winter on the island yearly. These include former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his family, who often take time out of their busy schedules to vacation on the island.

Real Estate in Barbados

And let’s not forget the Barbados wedding of the decade when, Tiger Woods got married to his sweetheart on the golf course of the Sandy Lane luxury hotel. Barbados long association with the celebrity visitor, combined with its warm friendly people, near perfect weather and gorgeous white sandy beaches make the island the preferred Caribbean destination. And the perfect island paradise for the discerning holiday home purchasers especially those from Europe and North America.

Why buy real estate in Barbados

Barbados is home to the third oldest parliament in the British Commonwealth, the island’s parliament was established in 1639. With this development came a tradition of social and political stability unmatched anywhere in the develop world. The social and political stability along with sound infrastructural development has position Barbados real estate as a great investment.

The prices of Real Estate in Barbados continue to rise steadily, with the introduction of a number of upscale community developments on the famous west and south coast. These spectacular resort developments on the West coast include the upgraded luxurious Sandy Lane hotel, Schooner bay, Villas On The Beach, The Sands, Royal Westmoreland and Sugar Hill.

On the South coast there are also some high-end developments which include Palm Beach, Maxwell Beach Villas and Ocean One.
Many of these beachfront properties on the West and South Coast are own by wealthy foreign nationals who have paid a small fortune to purchase them as winter homes or as accommodation investments. But it isn't only about the beachfront properties you can also get Barbados polo real estate, golf real estate and many other beautiful real estate options.

Buying real estate in Barbados

Buying Real Estate in Barbados can be a little complicated, mainly because property in Barbados must pass conveyance of title. Here are some guidelines to assist the potential purchaser...

  • As purchaser you will be required to utilize the services of an attorney-at-law registered in Barbados to establish title to the property.
  • All funds brought in to Barbados must be registered with the Central Bank. This requirement allows for the repatriation of funds if the property is sold.
  • The property vendor is required to pay a property transfer tax of 7.5% on the excess value over Bds. $125.000
  • Each party in the transaction bears their own legal fees, which are approximately 1.5% to 2% of the purchase price.
  • Property owners must pay land tax annually based on the value of the land.

Buying Barbados real estate is seen as a sound investment since the island has never seen a decline in property values and based on the current market situation this trend is expected to continue. Here are some of the most sought after developments where you can find Barbados real estate for sale. Some are beachfront properties located on the West and South coast.

But one thing for sure these are magnificent pieces of real estate in what can only be described as paradise...

Barbados real estate for sale

Finding a piece of Barbados real estate for sale is not a difficult task.... especially since government stated that Barbados land should fetch its highest economic value. You see over the years Barbados real estate has been a secure investment... mainly because the market usually do not experience the highs and lows seen in other markets.

Actually there were no records of the real estate market in Barbados ever registering a decline in value... Until the recent challenges associated with the global economic down turn... Barbados real estate for sale has shown a decline in demand. However the Barbados real estate remains a safe secure investment in a paradise with near perfect weather and spectacular white sand beaches.

Totally Barbados real estate for sale

Barbados Polo Real Estate Lion Castle

Lion Castle Polo Real Estate

Lion Castle Polo Estate is a magnificent 64 acre luxury community located in the rolling hills of St. Thomas.
It is centered around a world class polo field which presents a unique opportunity for buyers to own a piece of this exciting Barbados polo real estate.

Barbados Real Estate Royal Westmoreland

Royal Westmoreland

Royal Westmoreland is a members only luxury residential community set amidst lush tropical landscape. It is centered around a highly rated championship PGA standard golf course.

Royal Westmoreland offers the discerning purchaser an opportunity to own a villa or custom home within this prestigious golfing community.

Real Estate in Barbados at Apes Hill Club

Apes Hill Club

Apes Hill Club will offer a residential community of built around a spectacular, world class 18 hole golf course and polo centre. The real estate will be developed to preserve the integrity of the natural surroundings.

The Apes Hill Club is located on 470 acres of some of the most beautiful real estate in Barbados of which only 35% will be developed.

beachfront real estate in Barbados

Prime Beachfront Real Estate

The west and south coast spectacular white sandy beaches provide the perfect opportunity for you to own a piece of prime beachfront real estate.

You will find that a number of high end developments has been design to take full advantage of the peace and quiet of the tranquil environment and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. .

Real Estate in Barbados 

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