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Oistins Fish Fry

Experience Barbados nightlife at the Oistins Fish Fry

For as long as I could remember street cooking and fish fries have been a fascinating part of Barbadian culture, but the Oistins Fish Fry has become the island’s most popular informal nightlife activity. It has gained recognition not only for mouth watering Bajan delicacies but also as a cultural extravaganza with something for everyone.

The relaxed atmosphere surrounding the Oistins Fish Fry is one of the main reasons why this weekend lime has become the thing to do when in Barbados. Oistins is the place where both locals and visitors go to sample tropical fare with the typical tropical flair in a friendly casual out-door atmosphere.

There is never a dull moment in this small southern fishing town, all during the week Oistins is a bustling fishing village with fishermen off load their daily catch of fresh from the sea fish, while vendors sell them to eager waiting customers.  

When weekend arrive hundreds of Bajans and visitors a like flock to this small fishing village on Barbados South coast, to un-wind and start the weekend celebration. From early in the evening the area is filled with activities as the friendly fun-loving crowd makes their way to the many bars and food stalls with their typical Bajan menu.

You wouldn’t be disappointed on offer are delicious grilled or fried fish served with potato chips, fried plantain, fried slice breadfruit, macaroni pie, sweet potato, various salads and all types of exotic rum flavoured drinks. But although mouth-watering cuisines maybe the major drawing card for those taking part in this popular Barbadian lime… the cultural activities runs a close second.

Oistins Fish Fry is renowned for its cultural events as they show case the island’s unique cultural heritage.

Oistin's Fish Fry Barbados

So along with delicious cuisine and exotic drinks you may even get to experience the sights and sounds of Barbados while you are soaking up this Barbadian atmosphere… But as the evenings entertainment often include the Bajan Tuk band which feature a number of the folk characters like the Mother Sally, the Green Monkeys and the Stilt-walkers dancing to the infectious beat of the drums and whistles.

With so much on offer you’re bound to enjoy the Friday and Saturday night fish fry in Oistins…
so while you are on the island this is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the local atmosphere, mingle with the locals enjoy the local music and sample some local fare grilled or fried the Barbadian way and serve piping hot off the grill. 

Hotels Near to the oistins friday Fish Fry in barbados

Bougainvillea Beach Resort Barbados

Bougainvillea Beach Resort Barbados

Bougainvillea Beach resort is an oceanfront hotel located a couple minutes from Oistins in Barbados. This modern resort captures the essence and allure of tropical living.

Here you will experience the warmth of the sun and the friendliness of Barbadian people. At Bougainvillea you have a number of options and all the comforts of a full-service hotel, ideally suited to couples and families alike.

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Sea Breeze Hotel Barbados

Sea Breeze Hotel Barbados

Sea Breeze Hotel Barbados is a 78 room property located on 2.5 acres of secluded lush tropical gardens wash by the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea.

This all-inclusive resort, located about 2 minutes drive from the popular Oistins Fish Fry and 5 minutes away from the vibrant  nightlife of St. Lawrence Gap is the ideal place for your family holiday .

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Butterfly Beach Barbados

Butterfly Beach Hotel Barbados

Butterfly Beach Hotel is located on the South Coast of Barbados in an idyllic beach and ocean front setting, with access to two white-sand beaches and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

This is the perfect hotel for those looking for a self-catering property in a secluded and casual beach front setting, yet located near to those all important activities and amenities like the Oistins Friday Night Fish Fry or the vibrant nightlife of St. Lawrence Gap.

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Barbados Beach Club

Barbados Beach Club

Barbados Beach Club is a unique 3 star all-inclusive Caribbean resort nestled on the south coast of Barbados.This all-inclusive resort in Barbados is perfect for those who truly want to escape the hustle and bustle.

Enjoy the friendly hospitality of the Barbadian people, or take a short stroll to the Oistins Friday Night Fish Fry or to St. Lawrence Gap, one of Barbados premier nightlife attractions. 

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Golden Sands Hotel Barbados

Golden Sands Hotel Barbados

Golden Sands Hotel Barbados is located on the popular South Coast of Barbados a short distance away from a white sandy beach, the popular Oistins Friday Night Fish Fry and the vibrant nightlife of St. Lawrence Gap.

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Little Arches Hoel Barbados

Little Arches Hotel Barbados

The Little Arches Hotel is a charming unique boutique hotel with stunning vistas of the white sands of Miami beach. This unique award winning property is for adults only,

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