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Museums in Barbados

The top museums in Barbados

Here are the top museums in Barbados. This list captures the rich history of Barbados it includes those focused mainly on, sugar, history, religion and government.

The top picks include the Barbados museum and historical society, George Washington House, St. Nicholas Abbey, The Nidhe Israel Museum and the Concorde Experience. Other highlights include the The Barbados National Heroes Gallery and the Barbados Museum of Parliament, George Washington House and the Cricket Legions of Barbados.

Museums in Barbados

Each museum listed here charge a reasonable admission fee, so pay them a visit and learn more about our island's rich history, heritage and culture.

Here are The top museums in Barbados

Barbados Museum

The Barbados Museum

At the Barbados Museum and Historical Society you can journey into Barbados History by viewing the many exhibits on display.

Situated in what used to be a beautiful nineteenth century military prison the museum is the heart of what is known as the Garrison Historic Area. 

The museum comprise of eight different galleries the African, Children’s, Cunard, Harewood, Social History, Military, Aall, Decorative Arts galleries. Learn more about the Barbados museum

Barbados National Heroes Gallery and Museum of Parliaments

Barbados National Heroes Gallery and Museum of Parliaments

The Barbados National Heroes Gallery and the Barbados Museum of Parliament are housed in the historic West Wing of the Parliament Buildings in the heart of the capital city of Bridgetown.

The Barbados National Heroes Gallery traces the lives and immense contributions made by the ten National Heroes of Barbados.

A trip to this magnificent museum is an opportunity to understand the values that Barbadians regard highly and to see those values reflected in the struggles and achievements of our greatest sons and daughters.

George Washington House

George Washington House

George Washington House located with-in the Garrison Historic area was home for about two months to George Washington, who later became the 1st President of the United States of America.

What makes this historic building so unique is the fact that this visit to Barbados in 1751 was the only time he ever visited a country outside colonial America.

St. Nicholas Abbey Barbados

St. Nicholas Abbey

St Nicolas Abbey is one of the more popular museums in Barbados. Located on 400 acres of sugar cane estate this magnificent museum vividly captures the amazing history of the island that spans more than 300 years.

I visit to this living museum will bring you face to face with the meticulous work that has gone into creating this 17th century masterpiece. Learn more about St. Nicholas Abbey

Sunbury Great House Barbados

Sunbury Plantation House

The local news section of the Advocate newspaper is an excellent place to immerse yourself in the everyday life of Barbadian people. This section can feature anything from our annual Crop Over festival to Christmas morning in Queens Park.

The Advocate has been covering Barbadian events for over 100 year ts the perfect place to get an insight into the islands rich cultural heritage... and an exciting look at the island's current affairs.

Barbados Concorde Experience

The Concorde Experience

The Concorde Experience is one of the newer museums in Barbados. This interactive stimulation located at the Grantley Adams International Airport is a glowing tribute to the outstanding relationship the island had with this unique aircraft.

The Concorde first visited the island in 1977 to take the Queen back to England since that trip Barbados became one of the few destinations to receive regular schedule flights from the British Airways Concord before it was retired in 2003. Learn more about the Concorde Experience museum

Arlington House Museum Barbados

Arlington House Museum

The Arlington House Museum located in historic Speightstown, is housed in a refurbish 18th century building. This museum captures a unique perspective of Barbados from a bygone era.

A visit to this fascinating museum will give you an insight into the various lifestyles that characterize early Barbadian life. These include memories of plantation life and memories of life on the wharf.

Nidhe Israel Museum

Nidhe Israel Museum

The Nidhe Israel museum is located in Synagoque Lane in Bridgetown. This museum traces the Jewish heritage of Barbados back to the early 17th century.

Historical records show that this Synagogue was consecrated in 1654 three years before the London synagoque. The Nidhe Israel museum reflects a unique period in the history of Barbados and records the outstanding contribution by the early Jews to the development of the Barbadian society.

Museuems in Barbados Cricket Legends

Cricket Legends of Barbados Museum

The Cricket Legends of Barbados museum is dedicated to the islands rich cricketing heritage. The Barbados museum boost a wide range of cricket memorabilia that dates back to the early 1900's.

At this museum you'll relive the exciting memories of the glory days when West Indies cricket reigned supreme. Explore the outstanding record of the Three W's, Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Wes Hall, Sir Charles Griffith, Sir Conrad Hunte, Malcolm Marshall,  Gordon Greenidge, Desmond Haynes, Joel Garner and many more.

Barbados museuem Tyrol Cot

Tyrol Cot Heritage Village

Tyrol Cot built in 1854 also represents a house from Barbados past its design is a blend of Palladian and tropical architecture. Here you will find displayed a slave hut, a chattel house and a rum shop.

Within the grounds of Tyrol Cot you will find Tyrol Cot Heritage Village, a living museum comprising a number of unique Barbadian Chattel Houses, each displaying the unique architecture of a bygone era. 

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