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The History of Barbados

Barbados history Comes alive at the museum

Do you need a peek back into the history of Barbados? Are you interested in Barbados history? Well a visit to the Barbados museum is a must do activity for both visitors and locals alike... At the Museum and Historical Society you can journey into Barbados History by viewing the many exhibits on display. Even the museum’s location is taste of by gone Barbados.

Situated in what use to be a beautiful nineteenth century military prison the museum is the heart of what is known as the Garrison Historic Area. This popular attraction area comprises George Washington House, St.
Ann’s Fort, The National Cannon Collection and the Military Cemetery.

The Barbados museum is home to the important history of Barbados... you will find interesting exhibitions of natural history, Barbadian social history, military history, African artifacts, prints and paintings.

History of Barbados the museum

History of Barbados

Barbados history revealed... that’s how we describe a trip around the island. You see the island’s rich cultural heritage can be seen all across the beautiful landscape. Weather it is the islands parliament which is the third oldest in the Western hemisphere, or any one of the many nineteenth century plantation mansions that dates back to the islands rich colonial past.

However there is more to the fascinating history of Barbados than the colonial architecture of the island’s historic mansions or even its parliament. That’s where the Barbados museum and Historical Society comes in.
At the museum Barbados rich heritage definitely comes to life, artifacts showcase the island’s cultural heritage and natural history that date back to the island’s early inhabitants.

Barbados Museum and galleries

Here are some of the fascinating galleries you’ll find at the 75 year-old Barbados Museum and Historical Society... The Harewood Gallery is your opportunity to step back into the history of Barbados... to a time before Independence. You’ll definitely be fascinated by this Barbados... that so resemble the colonial mother country that the island was known as “Little England”.

The Jubilee Gallery vividly depicts the influence of European settlers on the island... Aspects of the islands history showcase from this period would be the establishment of the third oldest parliament in the Western Hemisphere. The emergence of the plantation system and the influence of European based religion on the development of the island.

The Children’s Gallery a must visit for all the little ones whether locals and visitors... this section definitely is a favourite with everyone. Here you'll a first hand look at Barbados history, as this gallery depicts through exhibition much of the practical history of Barbados. 

Items featured here include the Handmade scooter, The Standpipe, The Guttaperk, Mortar and Pestle and the old time Rocklyn bus.

The Warmington Gallery’s highlights the history of the island during the 18th century to late 19th century. You’ll definitely get a look at what life was like for the planter class of the island during this period. The lavish lifestyle acquired from the wealth of the island’s sugar industry is showcase through this exhibition; you’ll see furniture of this era including a locally made mahogany four poster bed from the 1830’s.

The Barbados Museum and Historical Society really depicts Barbados unique history and its rich cultural heritage through its many galleries and research library, which comprises documents dating back to the 17th century.

Tour The Barbados Museum

If you would like to take a step back into a bygone era of Barbados sugar and rum production, then this is the tour that I recommend for you. This three-hour tour gives you a sneak into life on a 17th century sugar plantation. Here is what you'll get...

  • 3-hour tour to St Nicholas Abbey
  • Explore one of Barbados’ oldest and grandest sugar estates
  • Tour the Jacobean great house with a knowledgeable abbey guide
  • See 17th- and 18th-century antiques, and take a stroll around the plantation’s tropical grounds
  • Receive a glass of rum punch, and enjoy a light lunch at the abbey’s Terrace Cafe
  • Round-trip hotel transport included
  • Book this tour online today!

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