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Hilton Lighthouse Terrace

The Hilton Lighthouse Terrace restaurant

Gazing out over the spectacular turquoise waters surrounding Barbados Hilton... makes dining at the Hilton Lighthouse Terrace restaurant an unforgettable experience. This Barbados restaurant offers diners one of the most pleasant atmosphere anywhere on the island. 

We first ate at the lighthouse restaurant in December 1998. We had hosted our family and friends at our wedding reception at the Barbados Hilton. To say thank you the hotel had offered us a complimentary first anniversary dinner... But the hotel was going to be demolished in a few months. Our first anniversary would have fallen during the rebuilding phase of the new Hilton.

Hiltons Lighthouse Terrace Restaurant

What you get at the Hilton Lighthouse Terrace

So the wonderful staff at the hotel suggested that we could have our complimentary dinner during our brief honeymoon there. We readily accepted and boy we had a most delightful evening. Since that first dinner the Barbados Hilton has been rebuilt with a new spanking Hilton Lighthouse Terrace restaurant offering indoors as well as outdoor terrace dining. 

We have gone back on numerous occasions for anniversaries, birthdays and family reunions. The Lighthouse Terrace restaurant features all-day dinning in a pleasant atmosphere. Their specialties are Barbadian and International cuisine... You can enjoy a full breakfast, a delightful casual lunch and theme dinners. 

Our favourite however is the Sunday Brunch this culinary extravaganza features a buffet comprising some of the most mouth-watering dishes you can imagine. Dishes like Split Pea and Pumpkin Soup, Field peas and rice, Lamb Stew, Macaroni Pie, Pumpkin Fritters, Baked Chicken, Fried Fish and Sweet Potato Pie.

You just have to take a look at the menu and you will see what I mean... every thing sounds delicious. Doesn't it! 

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