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Explore And Discover Barbados Tour

Experience this unique Barbados cycling adventure

You may be wondering what is the best explore and discover Barbados tour. Well I recently discover Ebike Island Adventure a fun pedal assisted bike tour that is suitable for the entire family. I know you are going to ask what is an ebike? An ebike is a bicycle that can be run on electric power as well as by pedaling. On this bike adventure you really get to discover Barbados off the beaten track even if you're not as fit as you use to be.

You'll love it because it will make going over the hill trails so much easier It is an excellent way to explore the island's history, culture, folklore and it is a great opportunity to capture some of the island's most spectacular views. This unique Barbados cycling adventure is a great outdoor activity for all ages and fitness levels

Just imagine a pedal assisted ride that take in some of Barbados most historic landmarks like Codrington College or St. John Parish Church in the south east of the island... Or explore the unspoiled coastal beauty of the cliffs on the northern coast of the island. No matter your fancy this explore and discover Barbados tour will expose you to our rich cultural history and some breathtaking spectacular scenery.

Explore and Discover Barbados tour is a great family activity for the experience and the first time riders. .

Explore and discover Barbados tour

This explore and discover Barbados tour feature three distinctly different ride packages, The Great Adventure tour, The Northern Trek Cliffs and Cane-fields tour and the Rural Heritage Tour. Each one of these rides presents an exciting ways to see the island from the perspective of the locals.

Enjoy the picturesque coastline and magnificent view of the very popular coastline of the island. The ebike adventure  tour and adventure is own and operated by passionate riders who will ensure you have a really good time exploring.

Barbados ebike riding tours

Explore and Discover Barbados Tour

Here are the Packages and Rates for this exciting ebike Barbados cycling adventure...

Explore Barbados Great Adventure bike tour

The Great Adventure Bike Tour

This fun ebike tour begins in the fishing village of Oistins on Barbados south coast. The tour cruise eastward up the coast line taking in breathtaking views along the way as well
as the historic South Point Lighthouse.

You'll travel along some off road tracks that leads onto the cliff trails of the beautiful south east coast revealing hidden coves, secluded beaches and fantastic picture opportunities of the island's untouched coastline.

On your way back to base you will encounter the uniqueness of the Chancery Lane Wetlands, a layover for migratory birds making their way to and from North America, as well as the mysterious Christ Church Parish Church the home of the legendary Chase Vault.

Finnaly you experience a good old-fashioned rum shop to end off this one-of-a-kind scenic experience.

This 3 hour tour include shuttle to/from Oistins Price BDS $200.00 / USD 100.00 Per Person...

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Barbados rural heritage bike tour

The Rural Heritage Tour

This half tour begins at environmentally friendly PEG Farm situated on the picturesque Hackelton's escarpment. The tour head out along the cliff taking in the awesome vistas and panoramic views of the east coast.

The tour encompasses beautiful Codrington College, and St John’s Parish Church, where on clear days you can even see the north point of the island.

You’ll also experience the breathtaking views of Hackelton’s Cliff and then back to PEG Farm for a sumptuous "farm-to-table" lunch and free drinks. s.

This half day tour include shuttle to/from PEG Farm
Price BDS $290.00 / USD $145.00 Per Person...

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Rugged Barbados cliff bike tour

The Rugged Northern Cliff Tour

A great choice for beginners. This trail offers all of the above but is a flat trail and also includes riding on the breath taking East Coast Beach.

This half day tour include shuttle to/from cliffs & canefields.

Price BDS $290.00 / USD $145.00 Per Person....

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What to Bring on Your Explore and Discover Barbados Adventure

Enclosed Footwear, Eyewear ( sun shades) , Sun Screen, Camera and Phone

Ebike Riding Requirements

Here are the requirements for horseback riding...

  • Riders should be maximum weight of 300 lbs
  • Riders should be a minimum height of 5'3", 15 years or older
  • A maximum of 6 guests for the Great Adventure Tour
  • A maximum of 4 guests for the Rural Heritage Tour

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