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Bridgetown Barbados

More than a duty free shopping center

Three Hundred Years of Bridgetown Barbados as a striving town has help to shape this fascinating little city.
In Barbados, Bridgetown is the hub of the island’s much heralded duty free shopping experience… but there is much more to this historic town than precious stones and brand name goods.

Sure the shopping is great but Bridgetown as a heritage tourism site really is a must see… Founded in the early 1600’s this small vibrant city along with Boston was the hub of the British colonial empire in the Western hemisphere.

Over the last three hundred years Bridgetown has been the home of a number of historical landmarks. Now this historic city can boast of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here are some of the more significant landmarks...  

Bridgetown Barbados

The Parliament Buildings of Bridgetown Barbados

The Barbados Parliament buildings are perhaps the most outstanding landmarks in Bridgetown. This is obvious but what may not be so well known is the fact that the island’s parliament system which was established in 1639 is the third oldest in the Commonwealth.

The parliament buildings which were completed in 1874 are constructed of local coral stone. Like many of the buildings of this early era they are an attractive piece of Gothic Architecture, which reflex the unique architecture and culture of Barbados.

These imposing buildings consist of a east wing and a west wing, the east wing which was completed in 1873 housed the Chambers and offices of the Senate, the House of Assembly, the Attorney General, the Solicitor General and the Chief Parliamentary Counsel.

The West Wing which was completed in 1872 has house many different arms of government over the years. However in November of 2006 this wing of Parliament was refurbished to house the National Heroes Gallery and the Museum of Parliament..

Bridgetown Barbados Parliament

The Nidhe Synagoque

The Nidhe Synagoque located in Synagoque Lane in Bridgetown is one of the standout heritage sites in this small city. Historical records show that this Synagogue was consecrated in 1654 three years before the London synagoque.

This makes it is the oldest Synagogue in the Western Hemisphere… the current building constructed in 1833 was built to replace the original structure which was destroyed in the hurricane of 1831.  Today the synagogue still reflects the architecture of the 1830’s is a fitting monument to the many Jews… who fled to the island to escape the religious persecution of the early 1600’s.

These early Jews brought with them the expertise and technology that was need to improve the local sugar industry. The Nidhe Synagoque reflects a unique period in the history of Barbados and commemorates the outstanding contribution by the early Jews to the development of the Barbadian society.

Bridgetown Barbados Synagoque

St. Michael Cathedral

Also in historic Bridgetown Barbados you’ll find The St. Michael Cathedral located on St. Michael Rowe.
This imposing old church is the flagship of the Anglican Church in Barbados Although falling to decay in recent times this beautiful old cathedral was first consecrated in 1665 the same year of the London plaque.

A traditional Gothic Church with large towering arched windows and detail interior woodwork the cathedral has stood out over the centuries as one of the familiar landmarks in this historic city. The current building which has fallen into a dilapidated state and is currently being restored was constructed in 1789 to replace the original building that was destroyed by the hurricane of 1780.

Still open to the public you’ll be fascinated by the history of this old church as you stand in the church yard and read the tombstones many of them dating back to the late 1600’s and early 1700’s.

Bridgetown Barbados St. Michael Cathedral

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