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We’ve designed this Barbados restaurant reviews page so that you can share your dining experiences Barbados restaurants cover virtually every type of cuisine you can think of… from French, Asian, Greek, Italian and Polynesian.
This shouldn’t be a surprise because over the years Barbados has had a strong culinary tradition…

In fact many Barbadians love to cook. Ones ability to cook is a matter of pride among older Barbadians. Here you will read about some of our visitors experiences, our challenge in finding a restaurant that met our mother’s approval for mothers day lunch… Or our kids’ favourite place to eat.

But here on this page you also get to share your experiences… this is where you get to share your dining experiences while here on the island with other food lovers. So if you have sample Barbados exceptional dining experience whether it be sushis, authentic Italian pasta or mouth-watering local cuisine… we would love to hear from you.

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Barbados restaurant reviews

The waterfront Cafe Barbados

Waterfront Cafe Barbados

Good food, fantastic ambiance and excellent service make the Waterfront Café Barbados our favorite restaurant in Barbados.

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Just Grillin Barbados Quayside

Just Grilling Restaurant Barbados

On our first visit to Barbados back in 2007... we heard about Just Grillin from some locals on the beach.

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Brown Sugar Restaurant

Brown Sugar Restaurant Barbados

Whether you want a taste of Barbados fame Flying Fish & Cou Cou or Pudding & Souse. This Barbados restaurant has long been regarded as the home of authentic Barbadian flavour... 

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Hilton Lighthouse Terrace

Hilton LIghthouse Terrace

Gazing out over the spectacular turquoise waters surrounding Barbados Hilton... makes dining at the Hilton Lighthouse Terrace restaurant an unforgettable experience.

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Champers restaurant

Champers Restaurant and Wine Bar

There are some classy Barbados restaurants, Champers Restaurant and Wine Bar is one such restaurant. It is located on a cliff overlooking the gorgeous Accra beach on Barbados active south coast.

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Bubba's restaurant Barbados

Bubba's Sports Bar

Whether your sport is English Premiere League Soccer, NFL Football, NBA Basketball, Formula One racing, Heavy weight Boxing or Golf. You can catch them all at Bubba's.

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