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Barbados East Coast Hotels

An insiders guide to Barbados east coast hotels

The  Barbados east coast hotels occupy an area characterize by steep weathered cliffs and spectacular coastal views with excellent surfing conditions. Despite this rugged natural beauty of rolling hills and lush tropical vegetation this coast is the least develop of all the Barbados coastal areas. 

It is this contrast that guarantee that Barbados has something for everyone... the tranquil waters surrounding the West and the South coast hotels provide the ideal environment for a laid back lifestyle. While the pounding Atlantic is the ideal environment for the more adventurous vacation seeker... 

Here is a look at the Barbados east coast hotels...

Barbados East Coast Bathsheba

We have categorize our east coast hotels as any accommodation between the scenic Bathsheba in St Joseph and the south east encompassing some of the most breathtaking coastal views in St. Philip.

Barbados east coast hotels

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