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Relax on a palm fringe Barbados beaches

Barbados beaches are perfect... Over 70 miles of spectacular white sand wash by the most spectacular turquoise waters you have ever seen. All the beaches are magnificent... but among these pictures perfect beaches there are some that are adored by the locals and worshiped by the tourist.

Once you visit these beaches you’ll understand why life in Barbados seems to revolve around the beach... or better yet why for some life revolve around the beach bars. At these favourite spots the sands are nearly perfect, the waters are tranquil and pristine, the music is always playing ...and usually the rum punches are flowing.

You can snorkel in the pristine waters,  you can explore the under water world while scuba diving on the many reefs.  You can picnic on the white sandy beaches, swim in the calm waters, join in a friendly game of beach volleyball or beach cricket.

Here are ten sun drench, palm fringed Barbados beaches you'll want to visit...

Heywoods Beach Barbados

Heywoods Beach Barbados

Heywoods Beach located at the northern end of the popular west coast is a beautiful quiet beach next to the popular Almond Beach Village... It has a large open area that's perfect for swimming. At Heywoods beach there are also smaller rock enclosed pools that are perfect for children to wade in... the shallow reefs are also perfect for your Barbados snorkeling adventures.

Speightstown Beach

Barbados beaches Barbados

Speightstown Beach is arguably one of the most magnificent stretches of beach on the island. Its tranquil pristine water is excellent for swimming and snorkeling and a variety of other water sports. The beach at Speightstown is one of the last nesting ground for the Hawsbill sea turtle.

In addition this beach is also home to the larger Leather-back turtle.  Speightstown beach is popular with both tourist and locals for a number of reasons it is accessible with adequate parking nearby.

Mullins Beach

Barbados Beach Mullins

Mullins beach, located in the northern parish of St.Peter, is a beautiful palm fringe beach on Barbados popular west coast. Over the years this beach has become one of the more popular beaches for both both locals and tourist.
On a hot day the Casuarina and palm trees lining this beach provide ample shade. It really is the ideal place to you grab a drink from the beach bar and just relax in your lounge chair, take a swim in the roped off areas, or enjoy the excitement of a jet-ski ride!

Brandons Beach

Brandons Beach Barbados

Brandons Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach located a 2 minutes drive from the historic city of Bridgetown in Barbados. This wonderful beach is at the southern end of the island's famous west coast. The beach close proximity to the Bridgetown cruise terminal makes it a great day hangout for tourist visiting the island on a cruise.
As part of the island's west coast the waters here are tranquil which makes it the perfect place to swim or just soak in the warm waters. You'll also have access to bathroom facilities, beach volley ball, watersports activities and of course there is Weisers on the Bay restaurant serving delicious Caribbean cuisine. Learn more about Brandons Beach Barbados

Browns Beach

Browns beache Barbados

Browns beach located at the southern end of the Historic city of Bridgetown  is another one of the popular beaches... usually is a hive of activity. It is one of the beaches that you'll a lot of locals anytime of the day.
You'll only find large crowds on this beach on weekends when the locals are there.

Browns Beach close proximity to the Bridgetown port and cruise terminal also ensure that a large number of cruise passengers can be seen soaking up the sun at this popular beach. Learn more about Brownes Beach in Barbados

Rockley Beach

Barbados beaches rockley

At Rockley  on the South coast, like the rest of Barbados life resolves around the sea. It is here that you will
find Rockley Beach – Accra Beach. Are you wondering why the two names? Well the official name of this popular white sand beach with the spectacular turquoise waters is Rockley Beach... But to locals and
visitors the beach is known as Accra Beach.

This picture perfect beach is extremely popular with the locals, especially on weekends and public holidays, when people from all over the island travels to Accra Beach to picnic, body-surf and bathe in the calm waters.
Located next to the popular Accra Beach Hotel and Spa there are also lots of visitors enjoying the friendly atmosphere on this beach. Learn more about Rockley Beach Barbados

Crane Beach

Crane Beach Barbados

Crane Beach is a spectacular pink sand beach located in St. Philip on the south east coast of Barbados. This beach was rated by   Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous as "one of the ten best beaches in the world".

You only have to visit this beach to see why,  cliffs, plenty of vegetation, the soft pink sand, spectacular turqouise waters gently kissing the shore, and a safe area swim learn more about Crane Beach Barbados

Bottom Bay Beach

Barbados Beaches Bottom Bay

If you are a beach lover you’ll definitely love the beach at Bottom Bay... It’s perhaps one of the most idyllic of all the Barbados beaches... Cliffs, a cave, coconut palms, powdery white sands, cooling breezes and spectacular turquoise waters. Located on the Southeast Coast of the island Bottom Bay beach is one of the most secluded of all the Barbados beaches.

The big waves make it a great place for surfing while its wide powdery beach is perfect for picnicking. The East Coast of Barbados is known for its big waves and dangerous undercurrents. Learn more about Bottom Bay Beach Barbados


Bath Beach

Bath Beach Barbados

Bath Beach located in St. John on the magnificent East Coast clearly highlights the uniqueness of Barbados as an island destination offering something for everyone. Although Bath beach is located on the usually pounding Atlantic coast,.

It is quiet safe to bathe and swim here because this beach is shield by a large offshore reef. So you get to enjoy the scenic beauty of the East Coast while enjoying the tranquility more associated with the West and South Coast beaches. 

Bathsheba Beach

Barbados Beaches Bathsheba

Bathsheba Beach in St. Joseph is the action beach... located on the rugged and beautiful Atlantic Coast of Barbados. Popularly known as the Soup Bowl this piece of paradise is a highly rated international surf spot. At Bathsheba the big waves and pounding surf make this area perfect for surfing.

Surfers from around the world come to the world-renowned Soup Bowl at Bathsheba to take part in international surfing competition. Visit during this time of the year and... There is a lot of action on this spectacular stretch of beach.

As a matter of fact, it's one big surfing adventure!! Actually, it really is a big surfing competition and family outing... The best time to enjoy the big waves and perfect surfing conditions at Bathsheba are between August and November. Learn more about Bathsheba Beach Barbados

More spectacular Barbados beaches

Of course these are not the only beautiful Barbados beaches, with over 70 miles of spectacular white sand beaches there are many more, each with its own unique characteristics.

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