Barbados Cou Cou and Flying Fish Recipe

One of the goodies served up by Barbadian cooks is Cou Cou and Flying Fish. 

Over the years this popular Bajan dish has been widely regarded as the island's national dish.

Actually you were not considered a cook if you could not prepare this delicacy made from corn meal and chopped okras... 

Once you are on the island you should try Cou Cou... so look for it on the menu.

On the other hand if you would like to try preparing in your kitchen here is a recipe to guide you through the process.

Barbados food: Cou Cou and flying fish

You just may become an expert in what is quickly becoming a dying art on the island as younger Barbadians turn to meals that are much easier to produce.

Here are the ingredients for the traditional Barbadian Cou Cou dish

Learn How to Cook Flying Fish and Cou Cou… with This Traditional Recipe You’ll Love!

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