Bajan Dialect The Language of Our Island Paradise

Barbados nation language or Bajan dialect adds an exotic twist to our island paradise...

Who de cap fit, let leh he draw de string. This is one of the many proverbs youíll hear spoken in our own Bajan dialect when you visit our island paradise.

Your puzzle look no doubt will prompt an explanation of what this colourful and fascinating colloquialism mean...

Spoken in our official English language it simply mean ďThe person who knows he is guilty about something will react accordinglyĒ

This Colourful and fascinating language is an integral part of our Barbadian culture...

So while you are on the island enjoying our relaxed laid back atmosphere youíll discover that a number of these proverbs and sayings are peculiar to this tropical paradise.

Here is a sample of some of our most colourful and expressive pieces of Bajan...

  • Barbadian dialect: De higher de monkey climb de more he does show he tail.
    Meaning: The more someone show off,the more you will see their faults.
  • Barbadian dialect: Every dog gotíe day.
    Meaning: What goes around comes around.
  • Barbadian dialect: There is more than one dogname Bob.†
    Meaning: Your name maybe called butwhat is said could apply to someone else.
  • Barbadian dialect: De more yuh look de less yuhsee.
    Meaning: If you are spying on someone there are going to find ways totrick you.
  • Barbadian dialect: De sea ení got nuhback door.
    Meaning: Once you go into the sea there are no guarantees you will getback outsafely.
  • Barbadian dialect: Trouble donít setup like rain.
    Meaning: Misfortune often happens with out any warning signs.
  • Barbadian dialect: Yuh does gihí yuhmout too much liberty.
    Meaning: You talk about things that do not concern you.
  • Bajrbadian dialect: Wuh yuh eye en sih, yuhstomach will tek.
    Meaning: What you donít know donít bother you.
  • Bajan dialect: Only dogs does return to he own vomit.
    Meaning: Once you get out of a bad situation, you should not return the same situation.
  • Barbadian dialect: De longer yuh live, de more yuh does hear.
    Meaning: No matter your age you can still be surprise by what you hear.
  • Barbadian dialect: Donít let the devil get in me now.
    Meaning: Donít make me angry with you.
  • Barbadian dialect: Everyfool got e ísense.
    Meaning: Every one has knowledge about something.
  • Barbadian dialect: Catluck en í dogluck.
    Meaning: What one person get away with another person may not be so lucky.

While on holiday, visit the beaches and nightspots and mingle with the locals and try speaking a little Bajan dialectÖ I am sure itíll enhance your holiday experience.

And if there are any pieces of this colourful language that you've mastered while on the island I invite you to share it with our many readers. Simply go to the form below and submit it to us...


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